Spiritual direction involves 3 participants – a trained spiritual director, directee and God. The role of the director is to support, facilitate and foster the relationship which already exists between God and the other person. 

It is a term for a conversation, in which one consults another, more spiritually experienced person about the ways in which God may be present or leading his or her life. The term “Director” can only be applied to the Holy Spirit, who is leading the encounter, not the spiritual director.

Across both the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, we find people seeking spiritual counsel. For example Peter and the other disciples in their ongoing formation with Jesus. The Desert Fathers and Mothers were there in the early Christian Church, and many others like, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross and Merton. Today, lay people as well as some spiritual leaders offer this listening ministry.

It is a valuable encounter for the Spiritual Journey. Meetings take place regularly 4 – 6 weeks apart.  The spiritual director is also requested to be in supervision with a qualified person. 

My Training as a Spiritual Director 

  • My formal Spiritual Direction training was the Three Year Ignatian Spirituality Course (1999 – 2001) at the London Centre for Spirituality.
  • I then completed a one year course on giving the Nineteenth Annotation (Retreat in Daily Life)  at St Bedes Pastoral Centre in 2013
  • Since then, I have taken part in and led many retreats and Quiet Days as well as accompanied individual people who are looking to deepen their relationship with God.



As with many of the supporting professions, the presence of a particularly trained supervisor can make the experience and process safer for all involved. It is a requirement for spiritual directors to be in supervision. Over the years I have benefited greatly from working with my own supervisors and have relished the opportunity to provide the same support to others. 

I see my role as a supervisor as recognizing, affirming and supporting the spiritual director to perform their role with their  directees more skillfully.

My Training as a Supervisor for Spiritual Directors 

  • My Supervision training began in 2008 at the Jesuit Centre in Scotland, 
  • and then advanced in 2022/23 at the London Jesuit Centre

Ways To Work With Me

I know that some people prefer to be in 1:1 supervision, particularly while they are at the beginning of their ministry as a spiritual director, others prefer a group. 

I offer 1:1 supervision, with one hour sessions at a mutually decided time and place – including on zoom.  
I also offer group supervision for groups of  4 people.  These 2 hour sessions follow the same model as for individual supervision, but are led in a contemplative listening way with input from the group, again in situ or on zoom.  

For more information,  please email me  contactsuewilson@gmail.com  or use the form below and I will be  happy to answer your questions.

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