Since Spring 2020, we have been living through changes which were unexpected and for many of us, significantly life-altering. I’m sure you may still be supporting people who are navigating the impact of all we have been through collectively as well as their own life story.

As Spiritual Directors and Companions we have come to know the need for ongoing exploration and understanding of who we are for God and who God made us to become. We know the importance of regularly taking time for ourselves, which will benefit those we work with.

The wisdom held in the depths of MBTI® is such a powerful support for us as we navigate our own and others responses to everyday life.

As we ‘zoom’ with each other now, I am offering a new online workshop to provide a space for us to take some time and explore our personality differences, to better understand ourselves and those we support in their Spiritual direction. 


This Workshop is for you if: 

– you already have some knowledge of the MBTI®
– you support others as a Spiritual Director or Companion and know the importance of taking time to reflect and nourish yourself
– you would relish the chance to spend 3 hours in a small group of peers engaged in the same work of listening to others on their Spiritual journey, exploring personality preferences and differences through the lens of MBTI®
– you want to increase your own self awareness and gain valuable insights into ways to support and resource yourself and others further.


The Workshop will be:

– a chance to refresh your understanding of the main pillars of MBTI® 
– a time to reflect on how the different personality preferences respond to enforced changes, and how this can support you both in your own life and those of the people you accompany
– a chance to reflect individually and with others in the small group, how an understanding of the MBTI can enrich the everyday life.
-a 3 hour time apart, with the feel of a retreat

The Workshop Practicalities:
Numbers are limited to just 4-6 participants. 

**This is a workshop for individuals to join. However, if you know of a group of 4-6 people who would like to attend together, please email  me on contactsuewilson@gmail.com and we can choose another date and time to suit you.**



The next workshop will be:

Option 1:  Thursday 24th November, 10.00 – 1.00pm


How much does it cost? 

DAILY LIFE with MBTI® Workshop is £30 per person

What is the booking process?

You can request a place by clicking the red BUTTON link below. 

If there is still a place available, I will send you details to pay in advance by Bank Transfer.
Once payment is received, your place will be confirmed and you will be sent the full Workshop prep information.  


Before the workshop:

Once you are booked into a workshop, you will receive the zoom link to join the workshop online, an outline of the MBTI® functions and preferences to use as a reference and a timetable of the workshop.

After the workshop:

You will receive further practical ideas for reflection and self-development.


What Previous Participants have said about this Workshop

It has been quite a while now since I did my own MBTI – and this was perfect. A good mix of learning, sharing and reflection. Thank you.

I really enjoyed being part of the small group. It felt safe.

Thank you Sue – you made it fun and so interesting.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I really liked having follow-up exercises to do in my own time.

At a time like this, this workshop is so helpful. Thank you for making it so accessible and safe for us all.


If you would like to book one of the limited places on one of the next round of Workshops, as we consider and celebrate our responses to the pandemic through the lens of MBTI®, then please CLICK the button below.