Personality type theories date back to at least Hippocrates – around 400BC. Carl Jung published his Theory of Individuation in 1923 around the same time that mother and daughter team Katharine and Isabel Briggs were building the MBTI.

Simply put, MBTI helps us to understand ourselves and others better. It enables a fresh appreciation of differences in our personalities and helps us identify strengths and weaknesses. It is also a wonderful tool to help us explore what we need at times of change and to identify potential areas for self development.

As a fully qualified MBTI® practitioner, I have been working with this incredible tool in my own life, and with others for over 20 years. I offer: 

  • Discover your MBTI® type for individuals
  • Discover your MBTI® type for couples
  • Discover the implications of MBTI® differences within families
  • Using MBTI® within Spiritual Direction
  • MBTI® workshops for spiritual communities
  • NEW workshop New life with MBTI® (click for more info)

So please do contact me directly if you would like to explore how MBTI can open new ways of looking at yourself and understanding those around you.